Pearly Whites Consulting
Dedicated to transforming your front office into the PEARL of your team.

*Your business team is the first and last impression patients have of your practice everyday*

Pearly Whites specializes in the development and coaching of the business team.  PWC offers complete guidance and training of operating systems, business management, marketing, social media application and patient care. With a “your goal as our goal philosophy” your business team will receive the tools and instruction to improve their performance and ultimately the success of the practice.

Consulting and Operations

Taking your concerns and patient requirements into account, we offer assistance, in-office training and service to benefit today's dental practices.
Systems Management & Organization Guidance with software utilization, effective recall & retention policies, new patient tracking, marketing & professional phone assistance.
Daily scheduling structure Scheduling to goal, manage openings, reduce cancellations & failed appointments, confirmation policies.
Receivables protocol
Insurance verification, submission & follow-up, billings procedures,  financial arrangements, collection calls, managing inventory and patient bookkeeping.
Patient Care & Service Verbal skills for patient communication, treatment presentation,  professional telephone etiquette and team building.
Team Harmony Encourage open communication between staff departments for a healthier team.
       Let's make it happen! Contact PWC today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Pearly Whites Consulting
*Serving the dental community since 1990*

659 Corte Loren
San Marcos, CA  92069

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